School governors play a vital role in ensuring the high standard of education at St James’ is maintained.

The Governing Body works through a number of sub-committees that monitor the school’s performance and curriculum provision. They approve curriculum, admissions, finance, staffing and premises policies, and liaise through the executive head teacher Mr John Tutt with the various subject coordinators among the teaching staff.

The governing body is responsible for how the school uses its money, the choice of staff and ensuring parents are given the information they are entitled to by law.

 St James' Infants has a body of 12 governors. It is chaired by Canon Jim Stewart and comprises seven foundation governors, one Local Education Authority governor, two parent governors, one staff governor and the headteacher.

Our school has two parent governors who take on the role because they want to play a part in the school and feel they have something to offer. They work alongside the other governors to ensure decisions are being made in the best interests of the school and its pupils and are always available to answer parents’ questions.

The governors of our school are responsible for these core functions:

Setting the strategic direction
Holding leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and ensuring financial health, probity and value for money.

Their role involves:

Helping set the aims and objectives for the school
Helping ensure the policies and procedures are relevant and achieve their objectives
Setting targets to monitor the progress of the school to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives
Being a critical friend to the school and provide a source of challenge and support

The Governing Body has two sub-committees:

The Pupils and Curriculum Committee focuses on the delivery of the School Improvement Plan and other matters related to the curriculum, including SEND, behaviour and discipline, admissions, and monitoring and evaluation of pupil progress.

The Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee focuses on the annual approval of the school budget and its monitoring, staffing appointments (except the Headteacher), staffing matters including performance management, matters relating to premises (including use of the maintenance budget), site security, aspects of Health and Safety and accessibility.

The Full Governing Body aims to meet five times each year, considers reports and recommendations, makes decisions and conducts routine business.


Governor Type Name/Position Held

Date appointed to latest term of office

Date of end of office Appointing Body Term Committee Membership 2017/18 Attendance (see  note below)
Foundation Canon Jim Stewart (Chair)  07/07/01 N/A PCC 4 yrs P&C and F,S&P  10/11
LA Cedric Porter  06/02/18 05/02/22 LA 4 yrs F,S&P  7/8
Foundation Susan Schibli  01/02/18 31/01/22 PCC 4 yrs F,S&P  4/4
Foundation Zoe Lund  01/03/16 29/02/20 PCC 4 yrs F,S&P  3/5
Foundation Adam Snyder  17/01/18  16/01/22 PCC 4 yrs P&C  2/3
Foundation Matt Atkinson 03/02/16 02/02/20 PCC 4 yrs F,S&P  5/8
Parent Karen Dunn (Vice Chair) 31/01/17 30/01/21 GB 4 yrs P&C  5/8
Executive Headteacher John Tutt 01/09/17 N/A GB ongoing P&C and F,S&P  11/11
Staff Shane Jacob 16/03/18 15/03/22 GB 4 yrs P&C  3/3
Parent Catherine Palmer  30/10/18  29/10/22  GB 4 yrs TBC   
Foundation Nicholas Hall  17/10/18  16/10/22  PCC 4 yrs TBC  
Parent Helen Connolly Resigned 31.7.18          7/8
Foundation Ed Peacock Resigned 31.7.18          11/11
Foundation Ryland Atwood Resigned 31.12.17         0/3
Foundation Bridget Radley Resigned 31.12.17         2/3


Table Key/Notes:

GB – Governing Body, PCC - Parochial Church Council, LA – Local Authority.

The 'Date Appointed' is for the current term of office. Several governors have completed more than one term of office, or have been appointed by different appointing bodies during their time serving on the governing body.

Attendance figures are for the Academic Year 2017-18 and show the number of meetings attended out of the possible total, taking committee membership and appointment / resignation dates into account. Governors are expected to attend all meetings of the Full Governing Body and one of the two committees. 

Please note attendance at meetings is not the only indicator of the time committed to the governing body. Governors make monitoring visits to the school, write reports, review documents, attend school events, meet with school leaders and members of staff and attend regular training.

We are obliged to provide attendance figures for any governors who have stepped down during the last 12 months.

Declaration of Business & Pecuniary Interests.

Name Declaration of Interest
 John Tutt St James' Church After School Club
 Jim Stewart

St James' Church After School Club

Tenax Multiacademy Trust



In January 2017, Karen Dunn was appointed as a Parent Governor.