Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Report for 2017-18


Our Pupil Premium Grant for the financial year 2017-18 is £22,030.


Of the 270 children attending St James’ CE Infants School there are 8 children (Year 1 and 2) receiving pupil premium or pupil premium plus funding.


The school receives £1320 for each child eligible for pupil premium and £1900 for each child eligible for pupil premium plus funding.


The funding is being used in a number of ways to support raising the attainment of vulnerable children. The school has identified emotional wellbeing and speech and language to be two key barriers to learning.    The grant is being used for the following:


  • To provide small group work for children across the school with speech and language needs.
  • To provide 1-1 play therapy sessions with a Fegans counsellor.
  • Early Literacy Support groups for children in Year 2.
  • Additional phonics groups for children in Year 2.


  • To provide a Nurture Group for children in Year R and Year 1 so that vulnerable children can learn in a small group setting.
  • To provide additional Forest Schools sessions for vulnerable children.
  • To enable vulnerable children to attend extra-curricular after school clubs such as art club and football club and to support parents with funding school trips.

This provision has had a positive impact on pupil progress throughout the school.



Impact of Pupil Premium at St James’ CE (Aided) Infants School 2016-17


In the year 2016-17 the number of children receiving pupil premium grant was 14 out of a total number of children at the school of 271. The pupil premium grant was £16,840.


The main barriers to learning for children receiving pupil premium in 2016-17 were:


  • Lower baseline assessment scores on average
  • A higher percentage also had Special Educational Needs
  • Higher levels of emotional needs
  • Lower attendance levels


The provision listed below was all accessed by children receiving pupil premium funding during the school year 2016-17.




Nurture Groups in Year R and 1

Confidence and wellbeing of pupil premium children improved.

Talk Boost in Year R

All pupil premium children in Year R accessed Talk Boost and achieved improved scores when language was reassessed at the end of the year.

Play therapy with Fegans

Supporting the children to have improved emotional wellbeing.

1:1 reading and phonics games for Year 1 pupils

Good progress made with reading by all children attending.

Early Literacy Support groups for Year 2

Good progress made with reading and writing by all children attending.

Funding for school trips

Parents do not need to concern themselves with funding school trips.

Funding for extra-curricular activities including sport, music and art.

Children able to access enrichment activities that may not be otherwise available to them.


Of the 6 children in Year 2 in receipt of pupil premium funding, five of them achieved expected in all areas and one of them achieved expected in two areas.