Dear Parents,

The children have had a very busy week learning more about dinosaurs. They have completed their first writers workshop in which they independently wrote an information page about their chosen dinosaur after researching it in a focus group.

In maths, we have been practicing number bonds to ten and to twenty. The children have also been counting on from a given number using a hundred square and have begun to explore addition by counting on using a number line.

In science the children have been introduced to our topic, which is 'animals'

Next week, we will continue our topic on dinosaurs and in maths we will be learning about money; using and adding 1p, 2p and 5p to make different amounts.

In Ash Class, we recorded 'things we want to get better at' when we returned to school in January. It would be lovely to add photographs of the children practicing the activity they want to get better at, to our display - please ask your child what they wrote and if you can, send in a photo of them practicing! If your child cannot remember what they said, please ask in your contact book.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ash Class Team.