Topic: “The Sea”.

This week’s focus: “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” by Ronda and David Armitage / the seaside

his week’s learning

·        Our trip to Bexhill went really well despite the rain.  Thank you to those who came along with us.

·        Maths: Money – recognising all coins; making amounts to 20p using different coins; finding change from 10p.

·        English: Writing the story of “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” in their own words.

·        Science: We planted  bean seeds and discussed what they need to grow.


Next week’s focus: “Lost on the Beach” by Ian Beck / the seaside

Next week’s learning

·        Maths: Measuring and comparing the capacity of different containers.  Telling the time to the hour and o’clock.

·        English: Writing their own story based on “Lost on the Beach”.  Revision of –ed ending to make the past tense, eg jumped, washed, etc.

·        Science:  Observing the growth of seedlings and potatoes.  Learning about garden and wild flowers.


Important Dates / Reminders:

Friday 12th May: Class photos.

We still need more families to look after the guinea pigs at weekends.  Please let us know if you would like to. Thank you to those who have already offered.


We also need someone to have them 21st July – 8th August  and     24th August – 5th September.