Dear Parents,

This week in maths the children have continued to look at finding 10 more and 10 less by moving up and down on a 100 square. They have been using their knowledge of pairs of numbers that make 10 to find pairs of numbers that make 20. We have also been using a numberline to count on as a strategy for adding 3 or more numbers, starting with the biggest number first. Next week we will continue to look at adding on a number line but we will also be teaching money (combinations to make up to 20p) weight (comparing and ordering) and time (o'clock and half past).

In English we have continued making our information books about dinosaurs by writing a page about the T-Rex. The children were focusing on using 'and' to extend their sentences, something that we will be continuing to work on next week. 

The children are thoroughly enjoying the dinosaur topic and have spent time this week learning skills to be able to draw dinosaurs, looking at specific shapes they can see and then draw to build up their picture. Next week we will be adding detail through pattern and shading to our drawings. 

Thank you for the milk bottle tops, please keep sending them in.

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Beech Team