This week's focus: "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" by Ronda and David Armitage

This week's learning:

Maths: Money - recognising all coins; making amounts to 20p using different coins; finding change from 10p.
English: Writing instructions; making nouns plural by adding "s" or "es"
Science: Reinforcing the different parts of plants, eg stem, flower, leaf, root and what parts are for.

Next week's focus: "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" by Ronda and David Armitage.  The Seaside.

Next week's learning:

Maths: Further consolidation of using money.
English: Writing a re-telling of "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch".  Further consolidation of making plurals with "s" and "es"
Science: Planting seeds and thinking about what they need to grow.

Important Dates / Reminders:

  • Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday
  • Wednesday 3rd May: Year 1 go to Bexhill. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch and is dressed for the weather - waterproof coat, sun hat and trainers/boots with good grip are all essential.  (They do not need to wear school uniform)
  • Friday 5th May: PTA Quiz Night.  Tickets available from PTA

Please let us know if you would like to go on the rota to look after the guinea pigs for a weekend.  We also need someone for half term and for some of the Summer Holidays.