Dear Parents,

This week we have been leaning how to extend sentences by using or, but and because. We have been revising the four sentence types (question, exclamation, statement and command) and the correct punctuation for each one. In maths we have been learning to make or draw an array (pattern of dots e.g. 4 rows of 5 dots= 4x5) to support our multiplication understanding. In Mental maths we have been starting to learn our 2 times tables by listening to some songs. We had lots of fun on Monday travelling back in time. We discovered some eggs in the outdoor classroom when we travelled back. We bought them back to the classroom so we could look after them. In Science we have been thinking about what different animals lay eggs.

On Thursday we had a Panto come into school and they we enjoyed watching them perform Sleeping Beauty.

Next week in Literacy we will be identifying the word classes; noun (person,place or thing) , adjective (describes), verb (doing word) and adverb (describes the verb). In phonics we will be learning to add y to nouns to form adjectives, as in funny, smoky, sandy. In Maths we will continue making arrays to show multiplication both practically with counters and written. We will start recording these as number sentences e.g 3 x 5 = 15. We have really been encouraging the children to use the vocabulary ‘lots of’ as well as times and multiply.

The words for next week are; Kept there their they’re here hear to two too beautiful

Don’t forget - in assemblies this term, we are thinking about something that we are getting better at. It could be a sport, a skill, something school related, e.g. reading. We are going to make a display of the children and staff as they get better at these things. So if you have a photo of your child ,as long as you do not mind it being on a display in the hall, getting better at something, please send it in (anytime up to Easter).

Please can you ensure that the reading record and contact book is sent into school daily and if there is a note for us your child gives it to an adult.

We hope you have a good weekend.

The Cedar team

We found this egg when we travelled back in time!