Dear Parents,

What a busy week we have had, on Monday the children enjoyed a workshop about fairy tales. They learnt a short poem and acted together with the funky fairy. On Tuesday the weather stayed dry long enough for us to walk to Tunbridge Wells museum where we had the opportunity to look at and touch some fossils including a Iguanodon shoulder bone, an ammonite and part of a petrified tree. We then went into the fossil room and saw an Iguanodon foot print from Crowborough and leg bone found in Highbrooms! On World book day we shared our favourite stories and spent the afternoon listening to different teachers telling stories.

This week in Literacy we have been writing using commands to write recipes for the dinosaurs.  We have continued to revise writing in the past tense. We looked at words that use the ed ending in the past and words that change in the past tense, e.g. I go becomes, I went.  In Maths we have started to learn about fractions, understanding that the bottom number (denominator) tells us how many equal parts we are dividing our shape or number into, and the top number (numerator) tells us how many of the parts we want. e.g. ½ is dividing a shape into 2 parts and colouring one of them in.

The words for next week are always   flies  tries  watch  move  prove  improve  even  very  once

Next week we will be creating our own dinosaur characters, describing them and what sort of dinosaur they are (e.g. fierce, kind, shy) using adjectives. We will also continue to focus on reading our writing out aloud to check it makes sense, especially when using suffixes. In Maths we will be continuing to learn fractions ½, ¼ , 1/3 , ¾ . We will be linking this to division by seeing that ½ is the same as dividing by 2. We are also going to be continuing to look at leaning to tell the time to the nearest ¼ of an hour.

NEXT WEEK: We are learning about wheels and axels, we would like the children to bring in a moving toys that has wheels. We would also like to start collecting things to make our own wheels toys, if you have any tubes, cotton reels, dowel, or other suitable materials we would be very grateful.

  • We would be grateful for some help walking to and back from the Singing festival at the Assembly Hall on Tuesday 21st March in the afternoon.
  • We are planning a surprise trip to the park on Tuesday 28th March in the morning if anyone can help please let us know. (Don’t tell your child!)

Please sign and return the E-safety agreement forms.

We hope you have a good weekend

The Cedar Team