Dear Parents,

This week in Literacy we have been using some exciting adjectives to describe parts of the story from The Lighthouse keeper’s lunch. We have also written a letter to Mr Grinling telling him all about the trip to Bexhill making sure all our sentences have capital letters and full stops and even using some exclamation marks and question marks. In maths we have been continuing to practise solving number sentences using all four operations and continuing with measuring length, weight and capacity. In Art we have been making collages of the sea and rock pools. We are learning to use new skills of folding, precise tearing, curling to add texture and interest to our collages.  

We had a great time at Bexhill. Thank you to all the parents who helped. The children explored rock pools found lots of different sea creatures including muscles, anemones and shells. (I’m sure some of these made it home to you!)

Next week in Literacy we are learning to use an apostrophe to show possession for instance, Hamish’s socks are blue, Heather’s coat is red. In Maths we are revising how to find a fraction of a shape or number, if you splitting something into ½ , 1/3 or ¼ this weekend it would be great if you could encourage your child to help.  We are going to continue our learning about the seashore (under the sea will come later) thinking about different animal habitats on the shoreline and inland and comparing them. 

The words for the week are:  (same as last week ) door, floor, poor, our, hour, most, travel, tunnel, towel, bucket.

If you would like to take part and help in our ‘Cruise day’ and would like to be involved in a ‘country’ (each class is going to be a country) then please do let us know. Cruise day is the 9th June.


  • If you have any report comments to return please could we have these ASAP.


  • If you would like to look after the Guinea Pigs for a weekend this term please let us know via the contact book.


We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend

The Cedar Team