Contact Letter

Date: 9th June 2017

Year: Reception

Topic: “The Sea”

This week’s focus: Mermaid Discovery!

This week’s learning

We have had a fantastic time on our cruise today – ask your children where they have been and what they have experienced in each country! Thank you to everyone who helped.


·        Maths: We have been practising using our numbers in different situations.

·        English: We have been thinking about questions we could ask the mermaids and we are starting to write letters to them. 

·        Understanding the World: We have been thinking about mermaids and the sea. We have compared ourselves to the mermaids.


Next week’s focus: Mermaids

·        Maths: We will be looking at money, using 1p and 2p coins to make different totals.

·        English: We will continue to write to the mermaids to ask questions.

·        Understanding the World: We will be exploring the world, thinking about where the mermaids have come from and how to get them home.

Important Dates / Reminders

A   I    ·        Friday 16th – The Great Get Together from 2pm. This is an opportunity for everyone from all different cultures to come together. If anyone would like to donate any snacks or bunting that would be great! Please return remaining slips on Monday. 

I     ·       SPORTS DAY – This remains the 5th July. Unfortunately the Juniors have had to change theirs due to other events but we cannot move ours.  

I             There will be another Ice Cream Friday next week – money raised will go towards Year 2