Contact Letter

Date: 26th May 2017

Year: Reception

Topic: “The Sea”

This week’s focus: Colin the Coastguard

This week’s learning

·        Maths: We have been exploring capacity, seeing how much water and small cubes can fit into different sized containers.

·        English: We have finished writing letters to the Author and Illustrator of the book and thinking about our own Colin the Coastguard stories.

·        Understanding the World: We have been looking at our sunflowers and watering them to help them grow. We described what they look like and measured to see how tall they are.


After half term focus: A discovery!


Important Dates / Reminders

I ·        Start of term – Monday 5th June.


I ·        We have Cruise Day on Friday 9th June. Children can wear ‘Holiday’ clothes to join us on our cruise.

 I    ·        Great Get together – Friday 16th June from 2pm. This is an opportunity for everyone from all different cultures to come together. We will be providing ... If anyone from a different country would like to donate any snacks or bunting that would be great!

A         = requires action     I       = Information