Contact Letter

Date: 19th May 2017

Year: Reception

Topic: “The Sea”

This week’s focus: Colin the Coastguard

This week’s learning

·        Maths: We have been learning about capacity and making boats to see if they float or sink.

·        English: We have started writing letters to the Author and Illustrator of the book. We have been talking about our favourite page and characters in the story.


Next week’s focus: The UK seaside

Next week’s learning

·        Maths: We will be focusing on doubling and continuing to explore capacity.

·        English: We will continue to write letters about the book and the seaside.

·        Understanding the World: We will be looking closely at our sunflowers and recognising what they need to grow. Talking about how they change as they grow.


Important Dates / Reminders



I  A   -   We still need someone to look after our guinea pigs in Cherry Class. If there is anyone who can take them over the Half Term, please let us know. Thank you!

I  -       Please ensure all children have a coat in school every day.


I -       We have Cruise Day on Friday 9th June. Children can wear ‘Holiday’ clothes to join us on our cruise.


I = Information

A = Action