Well, where did that half term go? This week we have been looking at the inverse using multiplication and division.We have been trying to write our own fact books with a contents page and glossary. We have continued to try and learn our spellings  and have been adding the suffixes -ment and -ness

We are sending home 3 letters today the first is a list of spellings your child should know. The second is an e-safety one and the third is from Mrs Shackleton who is on compassionate leave at the moment.

After the holiday we will  continue to focus on dinosaurs. By the end of year 2 your child should be able to tell the time, so please help them if they are still unsure of o'clock, half past and quarter to and past.

On the 28th February we are walking down to Tunbridge Wells museum. We will go first thing in the morning and will be there about an hour I think. If you are able to come with us please let us know( we only need 2).

We hope you all have a lovely half term break.

The Sycamore Team