Sycamore Contact Note 27.1.17

The children are starting to really enjoy the dinosaur theme. We are using dinosaur facts to practice our sentence structure and grammar. We have to know the difference between different sentences: statements, questions (does someone need to answer you?), commands (these usually start with verbs – bossy sentences) and exclamations (these have to start with ‘how’ or ‘what’ and the sentence order is swapped around). Examples: What an amazing dinosaur it is! What do dinosaurs eat? Feed the dinosaurs. I like the meat eaters best.

We have been exploring fossils from Maidstone Museum and also made clay fossilized dinosaur skeletons and ammonites. If you have some fossils at home we would love to have a look at them.

In maths we have been doing a lot more multiplication. The children are welcome to learn their 2, 5, and ten times tables and then the 3 times table. Next week we will start division as sharing and will also touch on inverse in relation to addition and subtraction.

We are managing to tie a lot of our learning in with the topic.

The words for next week are:

Could, should, would, again, all, mother, brother, other, plant, grass

Please practice them at home as it makes a big difference to their writing.

In phonics we have been learning the rules for plurals. Next week we will revise adverbs (ly) and use the suffix ‘less’.

There is a special event in the town hall this Saturday (1.30pm to 3.00 pm) called ‘Love thy Neighbour’ ‘which is being organised by local Christians and Muslims.

Have a good weekend.

Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips.