We had an exciting week which involved travelling back in time and then we discovered
 a giant egg! We haven’t quite worked out what sort of egg it is yet. We have found out about all sorts of creatures that come out of eggs though! Today we wrote about the snow and thought of loads of adjectives for it. In grammar we learnt about contractions such as can’t and cannot. Next week we will be researching habitats that our egg could have come from and following up on some of the children’s ideas that the egg may contain a dinosaur by starting to research them. In maths we have started doing repeated addition and have begun to link it to multiplication. We introduce the X sign as ‘groups of’ or ‘lots of’.
4 X 2 is 4 groups of 2. Arrays are the rectangular pattern of dots that we can draw as a picture of a multiplication statement. We will continue with this and so lots of practice of counting in patterns of 2,3,5, and 10 would be good. Words for the coming week are:

kept there their they’re here hear to two too beautiful

Thank you for all the reading that is going on.
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy any remaining snow and ice!
Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips.