Dear Parents,

Well, what a week it has been with hail and frost and beautiful blue skies.

Please remember to send your child to school with a coat every day.

This week we have been revising all the operations in maths + - x and ÷ . We have been trying to tell the time too but some are still finding ¼ to and past tricky.

Next week in Literacy we will be writing a letter to Mr Grinling from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch to tell him about our trip to Bexhill. We have been focusing on using an apostrophe for possession e.g Daniel’s bag. In Maths we will be revising fractions and how we find a fraction of a shape and a fraction of a number. We will also be continuing to solve 2 step problems using the four operations.

The words for the week are: door floor poor hour our most travel towel tunnel bucket



The children can wear their own suitable clothes (we will be on the beach!) Please check the forecast and send them dressed and prepared for the weather. (Shoulders must be covered). And suitable footwear that can get wet and has a good grip.   


The children will need a back pack (not hand held bag) as they will carry everything themselves and will need their hands free for the activities.




  • Please return the trip form and money for the school trip if you have not done so.


  • If you have any report comments to return please could we have these too.


  • If you would like to look after the Guinea Pigs for a weekend this term please let us know via the contact book.

We hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend

The Sycamore Team