Sycamore Contact Note    10.3.17

This week our main literacy focus has been story writing. The children have enjoyed planning and writing them as well as telling them to each other. Today’s story came from our museum trip. We were told that the meaning of ‘petrified’ came from the word ‘frozen’ so we wrote a story called ‘How the dinosaurs turned to stone’. To help us with our ideas we watched very short clips of Narnia of animals that had been turned to stone and then one of Aslan freeing the frozen creatures by breathing on them. Mrs King would like to show the children either the BBC Narnia production or the latest Narnia film. If you would not be happy for your child to see it, please come and talk to her.  We will continue with story writing and start to also think about writing dinosaur poetry. In Maths we have continued with fractions of shapes and fractions of a number and need a bit longer on this next week. Please keep practicing the time at home.  We drew a part of a wheeled toy and will be designing our own at some point. With Soring coming we are starting some growing projects. The children had great fun on Wednesday with Outdoor learning or Forest School.

We need some help to walk the children to the Assembly Hall theatre on 21st March for the townwide Infant Singing Festival.

24th March is the Easter RE Day and any help would be welcome.

The Easter Church Service will be immediately after the holiday – date to be confirmed and we would also appreciate a couple of parents to walk down the road with us.

Words to learn:  sugar, sure, class, pass, father, bath, favourite, be bee.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips.