Sycamore  17.3.17

This week we have started to focus on poems but also fitted in another story as the children are enjoying writing them and they are really improving too. Today we wrote a story about a naughty dinosaur that lived in our pocket. Outdoors the children thought of active things to do, took photos of each other and then wrote sentences to match. In Maths we have continued with fractions of numbers and related word problems. Next week will be symmetry and time including ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’. In science we have planted potatoes and have been tracking the growth of an amaryllis too. We have been discussing food chains and will have a special exploratory  science lesson next week. In DT we will be continuing our designs for a wheeled vehicle and will eventually try to make it! We have Easter activities to start as well.

Words to learn this week: Easter, cross, sun, son, here, hear, patting, humming,  wheel, shiny

Tuesday is the Year 2 Singing Festival. We join with a lot of other school to sing in the Assembly Hall. If you can help walk down or back or both please let us know.

Notes: RE Easter Day is on Friday. We would appreciate any help for any part of the day. Please could you hunt around at home for any bubble bath, hand cream, perfume and so on that you no longer use (they can be out of date) because we are going to make mixtures with them in one of the  sessions! The children can wear their own clothes but not their best ones. They will be outdoors for half the day so a coat is also needed.

Have a fun weekend,

Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips