Sycamore Contact Note

Another exciting week! A ‘real’ dinosaur came to visit and it was rather terrifying and enormous. Hopefully your child has told you all about it and recovered from the shock. They have all done some amazing writing based on the visit and then today they wrote instructions for training a T- Rex because we thought that his owner needed a bit more practice! To help us we watched a clip of ‘how to train a dragon’. In outdoor learning we created different homes and habitats for dinosaurs while cooperating with a friend and next week we will think about other habitats and seasonal changes that affect them. In art we have drawn and shaded a dinosaur. Next week we will enjoy lots of dinosaur stories and will be writing our own. We will begin creating and designing our own dinosaur. In maths we will begin fractions of numbers and then move on to fractions of shapes. The children need to be able to find a ½, ¼, 2/4 (and know that it is equivalent to a half) and ¾. We will also focus on time again. Mental maths will be about missing signs or numbers in a number sentence.

We have a lot going on this week:

Monday -Perform Workshops

Tuesday – Museum trip. We need some helpers to come with us immediately. You can stay if you would like to and then we need to walk back to school afterwards.  The visit lasts an hour.

Thursday is World Book Day. Please note that we are NOT dressing up in the infants. The children can bring in their favourite book (named) and all the adults will be reading some of their favourite stories to various groups of children in the afternoon.

In the school kitchen this week is food from around the world and the children will have a little passport for it.

Words to learn:

 enormous   huge  sharp  rough smooth pointed  

Harmless,  excitement   quickly    quietly   saw  


Have an amazing weekend,

Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips.