3.2.17 Sycamore Contact Note
Would you believe it? Our egg actually hatched this week and we have a dinosaur to take care of. We decided that it is a Spinosaurus and are hoping that he can be trained to behave in our classroom! One major highlight of the week was the outdoor learning time when the children got the opportunity to play in the mud, the puddles and the mud kitchen in the pouring rain! The excitement was tangible. The Forest School children had similar excitement. They began by making dens to shelter from the rain and looked so cosy when drinking their hot chocolate squashed together inside them! Our week has been full of sharing relating to division. Please share anything and everything at home. We have also worked on inverse which is the reverse relationship between addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. They loved having to trust us when we gave them 3 large numbers to make 4 number sentences. Eg 153 + 235 = 388, 235 + 153 = 388, 388 – 235 = 153 and 388 – 153 = 235 In mental maths we are practicing a mixture of number sentences where the children have to make sure that they notice the sign. In science we are exploring habitats around the world and in geography we will be revising the continents. Using the theme of dinosaurs we have done a lot of grammar related activities including revising adverbs and sentence types from last week. New learning was linked to adding ful and less to words such as harmful and harmless. Next week we will do ment (enjoyment) and ness (sadness). All of these endings just need lots of practice and chat to actually understand them. Next week we hope to make a little nonfiction book based on dinosaur facts. The children need to be able to talk about some features of nonfiction books that we can think are obvious. If your child is reading a nonfiction book please talk about headings, subheadings, bullet points, labels, contents, glossary and the index. Next Tuesday is ‘Safer internet Day’ so we will be doing related activities.

Words to learn for this week:

football, playground, bedroom, enjoyment, sadness, rainbow, careful, come, any, when

Our focus is compound words – words made from two smaller words. Children can look out for more of them when they read.
Have a brilliant weekend.
Thank you for your ongoing support.
Jane O’Loan, Tricia King and Karen Phillips