RE Day 2018

The Christmas Story through the eyes of a mouse.

Filling our matchboxes with different bits for each part of the story.

Choosing something special to put in my matchbox.

Having a rest during our long journey to Bethlehem.

Retelling the story with nativity sets

Saviour games inside.

Making our own advent calendars.

Dressing up as wisemen

Paying homage to the baby King.

Tableau 2018

Followed by a snack to help us on our way.

Making lolly stick characters from the Christmas Story.

Rescuer games outside.

Making and decorating our advent calendars filled with goodies.

Following the stars to Bethlehem

Paying homage to the baby King.

Tableau 2018


The children have had a fun fulled day of problem solving, sharpening the skills needed to be a real superhero. They have enjoyed Practical Problem Solving where in teams they were challenged to create something sturdy enough to carry Pudsey Bear in. They then went on to the Physical Problem Solving where there they were challenged to complete an assault course outside followed by a variety of other physical challenges in the hall.  Finally after lunch they took part in some Scientific Prob Solving, wowed by an assortment of 'explosions'

Local Superheroes visit St James'


FUN during our first term in Sycamore Class