Learning at our school

At St James’ Infants we believe that all children should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of their learning. In recent years research has revealed a great deal about how the brain works and the different ways in which children prefer to learn; what they see, hear, taste, touch, smell and do gives six main ‘pathways to learning’. Children are intensely curious and we believe they should be encouraged in this and given the opportunity to explore the world around them using all their senses. This is why we are committed to making ‘every day different and memorable’. We achieve this by providing many opportunities for learning, by giving the children high quality teaching, developing their capacity to learn independently, learning outdoors in the school grounds, and by taking them out of the school to experience culture, the arts and the environment.

Our school is well equipped to inspire the children’s curiosity: we have beautiful grounds that the children can spend time in during the day. Each class is able to use our Forest School and outdoor learning area, where we give the children the opportunity to explore, climb and build dens – they can choose. All the classrooms have canopies that enable the children to learn outside either independently or with a teacher or teaching assistant, and our outdoor classroom and log cabin have been used widely – at Christmas Mary and Joseph used it as a stable and at Easter it was Jesus’ empty tomb.

The children regularly use the school's fire pit to cook simple food and drink hot chocolate.
Staff are fully committed to outdoor learning initiatives.  Three teachers are Level 3 Forest School practitioners and two teaching assistants are completing Level 2. Welly boots are vital kit for us all!

As well as using our school grounds extensively, we take the children out and about to support their learning. We visit museums, the library and the theatre locally as well as attending concerts to introduce them to classical music.

We believe without doubt that learning outside the classroom enriches the lives of the children and adults within our school. We are committed to inspiring a lifelong love of learning and the environment.

The staff have written a handbook to explain the thinking behind our approach to teaching and learning.

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