Thursday 27th April 2017

We took a team of 8 children to NDGA on the North Farm estate. The children worked hard before the competition, to learn 2 different floor routines, involving a number of difficult body positions and rolls. When we got to the competition the children had to get up and perform the routines, one at a time, in front of a panel of judges. The children also had to perform a vault on a bench. They were fantastic, we couldn't be prouder!
We came 5th and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



Thursday 19th January 2017

We took at team of 10 children (Year 1 and 2) to the Angel Centre in Tonbridge to take part in the agility festival. We competed alongside 12 other schools and rotated around a range of activities, including running, throwing, catching and jumping. The children had a great time and did extremely well!