Playground leaders

The partnership has supported a group of children to learn and lead a range of playground games. These children have are now playground buddies that are timetabled to lead play at lunchtimes. They wear orange bibs and an area has been allocated on the playground, where children can go if they don’t know what to do or have no-one to play with. It is the job of the buddies to involve these children in a game and ensure they have an active, enjoyable and happy playtime.

2 children were selected at random from each KS1 class to answer some questions about the playground buddies. Here is what they said:


Do you always have someone to play with?





Where would you go if you had no-one to play with?

Almost all of the children knew there was a buddy stop that they could go to and knew what it was there for. Almost all of the children knew that the children wearing orange bibs were the playground buddies.


How does it feel to know the buddies are there if you have no-one to play with?


“It’s good to have the stop in case you have no-one to play with”

“It’s good so we can play with different people”

“A bit funny because I haven’t played with them before but they are all really nice”

“It makes me excited because they might know games like tennis and football to play with me”